My Experience With Veterinary Care in Mexico by Debbie Banaszkiewicz

Veterinarian and dogs

My husband and I live in Mexico full-time in the area near Akumal with two cats and two dogs.

Our veterinarian is located in Tulum. The office has two veterinarians, a small store and a grooming salon.

We took one of our dogs, a 3 month old French Bulldog puppy named Daisy and one cat, an orange tabby named Sammy. Daisy needed a scheduled worming, treatment for a skin infection, and a basic checkup. Sammy had been throwing up his food.

Dr. Erazo performed very thorough exams, did skin scrapings, checked for worms, and answered all our questions about our other dog, Molly’s upcoming teeth cleaning. We were there about an hour and forty five minutes during which Dr. Erazo was very thorough. We received an ointment for the skin infection.

When we were heading to pay the bill, I looked at my husband with dread. Our similar vet visits in the USA would have cost upwards of $250. We were pleasantly surprised that the bill was only $33 usd. Molly’s teeth cleaning the following day, with anesthesia, was $60 usd.

Molly is a long-haired dog who requires frequent grooming and we keep her hair short for the hot tropical weather. The cost for basic grooming in the USA cost $75 usd. At Dr. Erazo’s grooming shop we get bathing, short haircut, nail trim, anal glands expressed, and ears cleaned for $13 usd. They must be gentle because Molly doesn’t mind going and they tell us she is well-behaved. Molly is a 7 lb. Malti-poo.

So if you are planning on moving to Mexico with your pet(s), you will be pleasantly surprised at the costs for veterinarian care and grooming.