A holiday to Mexico should involve plenty of relaxation, water time and a lot of fun. Xcaret in the Yucatan Peninsula offers the perfect choice to experience all of that and more, and even better, provides fun for the entire family. The popular eco archaeological park is a resort in its own right and can offer days of entertainment.

You can chill out on the beach, dine in an underground wine cellar, visit a bat cave, tour the museum, check out the sea turtle farm or even go hiking. As you would expect, Xcaret also offers many exciting cultural attractions including a replica of a Mayan village complete with real artisans and a Mexican cemetery.

Note that any food and drink consumed at Xcaret must be purchased within the eco park grounds. Fortunately, Xcaret does have a plus purchase upgrade which includes one meal, locker rentals, towels, snorkel gear and life jackets.

Here are some of the park’s highlights.

The Aviary

The aviary allows over 1,500 birds to prosper in their natural habitat. You can view quetzals, eagles, macaws, mockingbirds, toucans and pink flamingos. They also operate a wildlife breeding farm to help protect endangered species.


Swim with the Dolphins, Sharks or Stingrays

Xcaret offers many optional tours including swimming with the dolphins, nurse sharks and stingrays. You can learn about the sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat or interact with the dolphins in a safe environment. All three options are extremely popular.


If you desire a touch of the luxurious, then you should book yourself a massage. Located in a natural lagoon setting, let your body relax and enjoy the benefits of a personalized pampering session. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Butterfly Pavilion

The butterfly pavilion is the largest one of its kind in the world with over 5,000 butterflies and 20 species from the region. Watch them fly among the waterfalls, streams, and through the thick vegetation in their home which measures 15 meters high.

Butterfly Pavillion

Xcaret Aquarium

This unique aquarium offers extensive marine species from dolphins to white sharks for public viewing. It is very interactive and gives visitors the opportunity to touch a variety of sea creatures as well as learn about the turtle embryo process. The Xcaret Aquarium features over 5,000 marine organisms of all shapes and sizes.


Underground Rivers

Natural underground rivers form a network of channels which circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula. You have the option of being taken down the freshwater streams by boat or snorkeling through the rivers which flow into the ocean.

Underground rivers

Night Time Fun

At night, Xcaret showcases its major attraction – a history of Mexico featuring over 300 artists and performers offering music, regional dances and Mexican folklore. Using stunning costumes and impressive lighting effects, Mexico’s history comes to life in a 2-hour long extravaganza.

Xcaret dance

In addition, Xcaret offers special Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivities to tie in with the upcoming Mexican celebrations. Night passes are also available.

What’s amazing about Xcaret is that the above-mentioned activities are just scraping the surface of what is available. You may find that you need more than a one day pass to see and experience everything they have to offer. There is indeed something for everyone with plenty of delicious food, unforgettable entertainment, and memorable experiences.