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Electric power FAQ / Energía eléctrica FAQ

May 24th, 2018

The electric power can fail at times probably much more than your are used to in your countries of origin, especially when it rains or in high season when the demand is very high. The energy supply can be affected mainly by rain, wind that is to say when it rains it is very likely that we have power cuts.

1.-The only company in Mexico that supplies electricity is the CFE Federal Electricity Commission.
2.-When there is a failure in the electrical power can be for several reasons, from a fault in their facilities / infrastructure or a road accident involving power lines.
3.-This company has a very fast response and there are always crews working in the affected areas you just have to stay calm and wait for the service to be restable you can report it if you want to phone 071.

What to do.

1.-If the fault has voltage variations first of all we recommend disconnecting your sensitive equipment as they can be damaged when the power is restored with very high voltages.
2.-Check if the fault is general and not just from your unit, if the failure was only in your unit you will have to contact an expert electrician to check your installation and the CFE to check your meter. HOA does not take care of private facilities.
3.- If the fault is general you have to make a report to the phone 071 must have on hand your service number that comes on your receipt. The more reports the CFE receives the quicker they send the service crews.
4.-Sometimes the fault occurs only in one line, a partial failure is that it may be possible that you have energy only in one part of your installation or that some neighbors have energy and you do not, everything depends if the failure is partial (one line) or total.
5.-Do not use the elevators when there are faults in the power supply since these can be protected by a voltage variation, we recommend using the stairs.
6.- HOA, at the time of the failure makes a report of its numbers of services of common areas, as a protocol, at the same time if it detects that the fault is derived from a transformer dedicated exclusively to the community makes the report to the CFE , since these equipment are not our property, they are donated to the CFE, so the repair and maintenance corresponds to them.

What actions does the HOA take in the face of electrical faults.

1.-We check all the elevators to verify that nobody is caught in transit.
2.-We review the transformer equipment to make sure that it is not a fault derived from these.
3.-We report to the CFE the services of common areas.
4.-We verify the equipment in charge of the HOA sensitive to variations of voltage and if necessary we turn them off until the voltage is restored.
5.-If we have information about the failure and the duration of it, we communicate it to the community. (They almost never provide us with accurate information, they only take the reports).


If we do not have total or partial electric power, the elevators and the water pumps do not work therefore without energy it is equal to not having water service in the whole community.

HOA Manager.