I am currently disputing my CAPA water bills.

I am providing this information in case anyone else is having the same problem. Maybe my research will help.

Gate 48 had been negotiating with CAPA, having meters checked, and checking for leaks since January.  CAPA says there is no problem and the billing is correct.

I just received my condo monthly water bill from CAPA. It is unreasonably high – 11,931.36 pesos ($878.71CAN) for 56M3 (56,000Liters) of usage.

For historical data – In Feb 2016 the CAPA bill was 156.45 pesos; in May 2016 the bill was 135.22 pesos; Aug – 257.91pesos; Nov – 175.21pesos. For the entire year I paid less than $200CAN for water.

Then in Janaury the charges for usage became unreasonably high and Gate 48 began their dispute with CAPA on my behalf. The price increase cannot be that great.

So I began my investigation:

I was personally in my condo for the entire billing period.

The May usage was 56M3 (or 56,000 US gallons).

I looked up USA water usage rates by appliance and for homes and calculated use for one month.

Ready for the facts?

If the 2 toilets were flushed every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day they would use 1056 L (this is more than just left running) x 31 days/month = 32,736L or 32.736M3.
If all the kitchen and bathroom faucets were left running 24 hours a day they would use 303L x 31 days/month =   9,393L or  9.393M3.
If the shower ran continuously for 24 hours a day it would use 11,520 L x 31 days/month =  357L or  0.57M3
If clothes washer ran 2 times a day, 7 days a week 303L x 4 weeks/month =  9,393L or 9.393M3
If dishwasher ran 2 times a day, 7 days a week 41.6L x 4 weeks /month =   166.4L or 0.1664M3.
For a monthly TOTAL of: 52,2584 or 52M3 with everything running water 24 hours a day for 31 days.

So all this running water for the entire month didn’t equal 56M3. Besides, I think I would have noticed and shut the water off, since I was in the condo the entire time.


So is it the hot tub?
The hot tub uses 8,176 L each time it is filled, so if it was filled 7 times during the month it would use 57,232L  or 57.232M3  (57M3)
I was the only one in the condo and I never used the hot tub, nor was there water running any time I was on the deck level. So it is not the hot tub.


Based on this information, there is no way I could have used 56M3 for the May billing. Neither could I have used the amount of water billed for in January, February, March, or April.

Based on this information, I am going back to CAPA to dispute the water bills. It is impossible that I used this much water.


If you are having excessive water bills, I hope you are able to use this information.