Carole Nap is an enthusiastic resident of the TAO Residential Community.

Carole bought into the TAO concept when it was a vision statement and a charcoal sketch. When she arrived to take possession of her penthouse condo almost 3 years later, everything in the condo was exactly as promised and the lush, natural environment was even more beautiful than expected.  After a two-week buying spree, the condo was ready for comfortable living.

Carole Nap is a coach and consultant to small business start-ups. Her company Biz4Zoomers Inc. helps mature adults start a business, primarily on line, to provide a second stream of income in their retirement. As a recent retiree, she understands the anxiety issues around maintaining lifestyle in the many years of retirement. Having an online business makes it possible to for her to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Carole spends her time between Canada and Mexico. She has two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law and six amazing grandchildren.

Carole Nap